ERESON OIL AND GAS SERVICES LIMITED is primarily a solution driven company, focused on providing sundry engineering services such as; mechanical, civil, electrical, installation and procurement to the oil and gas industries.Established in 2012 as an Limited Company, Ereson Oil and Gas Services limited has grown by remaining and following a carefully designed plan. The company’s rapid growth has been characterized by strong organization comprising top-flight engineers and managers with colossal professional experience.

Ereson Oil and Gas Services limited built its knowledge through the experience of its personnel, who has served in diverse industries for over 10 years of continuous service. Ereson Oil and Gas Services limited key assets is its core pool of knowledgeable and experienced project and service engineers that can offer solutions to technically challenging and complex new problems.

The company strive to supply equipment and personnel services that provide the best technical and operational means of getting the job done, in a time frame and at a cost to meet the client’s needs. It strives to continue to improve current best practices, and provide innovative solutions to new or unique problems whenever the challenges arise.

At Ereson Oil and Gas Services limited, we believe our key quality is in our willingness to accept responsibility for delivering an exceptional service. This quality has been demonstrated through our personnel excellent track record of achievement.

Our vision is to build a company that will last forever and it will last beyond any group or individual management or ownership persons. Today, we envision becoming one of the multinational companies in Nigeria, So to continue to be as good at what we do and to be as large as this company is something worth aspiring to.


Ereson Oil and Gas Services limited personnel have over 50 years of cumulative experience in diverse fields. Our experience and capabilities are far reaching in both land based and swamp construction. Our teams of qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel who understand the demands of the industry provide their combined talents, which are geared towards meeting our client’s requirement.